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Step into cool and fruity flavors of sweet blackcurrant undertones which is sure to delight your palate.

Tobacco free
Deliver to your door step

Feel smoke-free in 4 steps

Trying your first nicotine pouch is this easy.

Open container with DZRT nicotine pouches inside


Open the lid, take out a pouch.
Slip DZRT Nicotine Pouches Under the lip


Place it under your lip, against the gum.
feeling tingling sensation you can keep for up to 30 mins


Feel the tingling sensation? It’s working! You can keep it up to 30 min.
Bin DZRT Nicotine Pouches per Proper disposal instructions


When finished, dispose of it in the top bin compartment
Purple Mist

Step into a cool fruity, dreamy haze of sweet blueberry.


DZRT is your ticket to a limitless, smoke-free nicotine experience customized to your lifestyle.

DZRT Smoke free nicotine pouches many benefits
Exciting Flavor
Exciting Flavor Ranges
DZRT Image:No Tobacco
No Tobacco
No Smoke. No Ash
No Smoke. No Ash.
Use Anytime, Anywhere
Use Anytime, Anywhere
Instant & Long-Lasting
Instant & Long-Lasting
DZRT Image:High Quality Ingredients
High Quality Ingredients
DZRT:Discreet & Convenient
Discreet & Convenient
DZRT:No Devices Needed
No Devices Needed
Frequently Asked Questions

DZRT is a brand of pharma-grade nicotine pouches manufactured in Saudi Arabia

Nicotine pouches, are tobacco free pouches considerd as an alternative to other tobacco products, are white pouches containing Pharma – Grade nicotine amongst other regulated ingredients.

All the materials used for the nicotine pouches are typically made from natural source.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, nicotine pouches are not classified and regulated as pharmaceutical products

Unpack the can, position one DZRT nicotine pouch under your upper lip for gum absorption. Usage typically spans 5 to 30 minutes per pouch. Dispose of nicotine pouches responsibly and ensure they are kept away from children.

Each DZRT box contains 20 nicotine pouches.

DZRT nicotine pouches are made in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, follow international standards, and use world-class standards and ingredients.

It is recommended to use no more than the current daily dosage of nicotine intake (which varies between different brands and nicotine delivery systems). Please feel free to contact us for more advice on this matter. 

Nicotine pouches can help curb smoking by reducing dependency on tobacco. Nicotine pouches do not contain the harmful chemicals associated with combustible tobacco and other nicotine delivery systems.

DZRT nicotine pouches are best kept within 15-25 degrees Celsius in the provided packaging to preserve quality and it’s best to avoid hot conditions that would dry the product up.

Nicotine is an addictive substance and should be used responsibly.

Nicotine pouches should not be used by persons below age of 18 years

Since there is no combustion in the process of using the DZRT nicotine pouches, no tar is generated

The best option is to quit any form of nicotine delivery system altogether. However, for those that find it difficult to quit immediately, moving to a smoke-free nicotine alternatives that contain nicotine from pharmacutical grade is better.

Step into a cool fruity, dreamy haze of sweet blueberry.